Cape Reinga

Gorgeous Northland

At the very top of New Zealand is a famous lighthouse and signpost, featuring stunning coastal scenery where the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea collide.

Cape Reinga (Te Rerenga Wairua) is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the North Island with its iconic landmarks and serene beauty. Located in the north-westernmost tip of the Aupouri Peninsula, this Far North Region of New Zealand is a popular tourist destination.

An ancient pohutukawa tree believed to be over 800 years old, and the historical Cape Reinga lighthouse marks this place. The lighthouse, built in 1941, with unparalleled views of the South Pacific, Tasman Sea and Three Kings Islands was manned during WWII up until 1987 when it was fully automated. Its beacon is solar powered and can be seen 35km out to sea. It is one of the New Zealand’s most visited and photographed lighthouses.

For Māori, Cape Reinga is a spiritually significant place. It is here after death, all Māori spirits travel up the coast and over the wind-swept vista to the pohutukawa tree on the headland of Te Rerenga Wairua before departing to Hawaiki.

The Cape Reinga region have some great attractions and activities including: the Te Paki Coastal Track amid gorgeous native bush, the 90 mile beach and Te Paki Stream sand dunes, a natural sand-boarding fun park.

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Cape Reinga
Aupouri Peninsula


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