Bread Capital

A small town in New Zealand is the hub of an enormous thriving bakery industry, suppliers of bread products to restaurants, hotels and retailers all over the world.

The rural settlement of Manaia is home to one of New Zealand’s largest bread factories. The town is named after the former Māori chief of the district, Hukunui Manaia. Manaia is located in the South Taranaki District of New Zealand and is just 10 minutes away from Hāwera and only 55 minutes from New Plymouth.

Manaia is a service town for the rich dairy farms nearby as well as the enormous commercial bakery. It is home to Yarrow’s -The Bakers which gives Manaia the name “The Bread Capital”. It supplies bread and frozen pastries around New Zealand, as well as to markets in the United States, the Pacific and South-East Asia.

Visitors will enjoy the friendly charm of the village centre with its library, museum, Post Office, War Memorial Rotunda, hotels and shops. Nearby is the Manaia Golf Club and historical sites in the Manaia Domain. Manaia is also home of the Taranaki Country Music – Hall of Fame. Just 18 km away is the beautiful Hollard Gardens and access to Egmont National Park and Dawson Falls is a short 20 minutes up the road.

Visit the statue of George, a 9-yearold Jack Russell terrier who died while protecting five children from an attack by two pit bulls. He was given a PDSA Gold Medal, the animal equivalent of the George Cross, and the town erected a statue in his honour.

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