Egmont National Park

Glistening Mountain Peak

This National Park with a dormant stratovolcano is a magnet for hikers, with walking and hiking trails, lush forest, waterfalls, mossy swamps and spectacular landscape.

Egmont National Park is one of the most accessible of New Zealand’s national parks. Located in the Taranaki region on the western part of the North Island, the area takes its name from Mount Taranaki, the stratovolcano that rises in the Egmont National Park. Today, this distinctive landmark area is a popular tourist destination.

In 1900, it was made the Egmont National Park and within a protected area that offers a very extensive network of hiking trails. Walk through the Goblin Forest, also known as the Kamahi Walk or visit the Dawson Falls area and Wilkies Pools with gentle waterfalls. Take the 3-day Pouakai Circuit or the 4–5 day Around the Mountain Circuit, a backcountry trek taking you through incredible scenery of the river, alpine and forest.

There are three entry points to the park – Manaia Road, Egmont Road and Pembroke Road which provide access to the beauty of the Park. The Mount Taranaki summit track is an achievable challenge for experienced hikers in all seasons – although winter is more difficult and is best done with a guide.

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Mount Egmont National Park


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